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Office Visits

Initial Exam

At your first visit to our office you will meet with Dr. Anderson for an initial exam to discuss your treatment needs, concerns, and treatment options. We want to answer all of your questions regarding orthodontic treatment including treatment options, treatment length, and financial questions including cost and payment options. Your individual reasons for seeking orthodontic care are of the utmost importance to us and will be the major focus of this initial visit. Once a decision has been made to pursue treatment, diagnostic records are taken to formulate an individualized treatment plan. Patients who are not ready to begin treatment will be placed on a recall schedule to return for a no charge follow-up visit until they are ready to begin.

Diagnostic Records

Before starting comprehensive orthodontic treatment, diagnostic records are taken to make a proper diagnosis and outline a treatment plan and any options you may have. X-rays of your teeth and jaws will be taken as well as digital photographs of your teeth and face. In addition, dental impressions or molds will be taken of your teeth. All of this information will be analyzed by Dr. Anderson to determine a treatment plan. A consultation will follow this appointment.


During the consultation, Dr. Anderson will review the diagnostic records with you and discuss his findings and treatment recommendation(s). The type and course of treatment will be discussed as well as expected treatment outcome, treatment length, and financial/insurance information. You are now ready to schedule your appointment to get your braces on!

Braces Placement

Placing braces on your teeth will take between one and one and a half hours depending on your specific treatment. We usually suggest an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen before the appointment to help with the mild discomfort that may occur 2-4 hours after your braces are placed.