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Orthopedic Orthodontics

Orthopedic orthodontics refers to the branch of orthodontics that addresses jaw imbalances in children. When the upper and/or lower jaws do not develop properly relative to each other, the teeth will not fit together or function properly. It is often possible by using orthopedic appliances in young, growing children to change the relative size and position of the jaws. This allows the teeth to fit better and quite possibly avoid more invasive treatments later such as jaw surgery. The two appliances used most commonly are headgear and protraction headgear.


Used to treat dental protrusion in growing patients whose upper front teeth protrude forward ahead of the lower front teeth. Headgear is worn only at home and typically when the child is sleeping and often before bedtime. This appliance works by slowing down the forward growth of the upper jaw and allows the lower jaw to “catch up” with the upper jaw through normal growth.

Protraction Headgear

Used to treat underbites where the lower teeth protrude forward in front of the upper teeth. These patients usually exhibit upper jaws that are underdeveloped and small. This appliance works by encouraging the upper jaw to grow further forward than it normally would so that the upper teeth can now fit in front of the lower teeth. The protraction headgear is also worn during sleep and often before bedtime.